About Me:

I am a pretty ordinary I.C.T type who drives a desk during the week and by the weekends, will be rambling about in the wilderness.

Born in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Currently living in Auckland, New Zealand

Phone / SMS: Click Here.
(Password: matrix-riot )

Matrix IM / Element: Click Here
Federated instant messaging and Group Chat – Standing in place as a self hosted replacement to WhatsApp, WeChat and FB Messenger

Email: fyoung (at) nui (dot) nz

NUI.NZ – Main Personal website and photo gallery.
PEAK – Personal blog


Email gets checked quite frequently, but won’t necessarily have time to respond to each and every email right on the spot.

If it’s urgent, please either call or  text me.

Signal App: (same as phone number)


WhatsApp: (same as phone number)

PixelFed: pixelfed.nz/nui
(ActivityPub compatible)

Mastodon: @nui@mstdn.social
(ActivityPub compatible)

Facebook  / Messenger: nuidotnz
No longer actively monitored and exists predominantly only as a directory listing.
If you still wish to send through a friend/connection request then please feel free to do so.