Maketu Reserve Explore + Hidden Cascades

Saturday 21st November 2021 – Later Afternoon short explore around Maketu Falls, Ōpaheke including an explore further upstream to it’s cascades.



Auckland Council web page regarding Te Maketu Pa.

Maketu falls is accessible from Maketu Pa Cemetery Reserve. There’s a gravel parking area out the front. Entry to the Path is to your right in amongst the bushes. Goes up steeply then down steeply. Sturdy footwear recommended.

Once you reach Maketu falls, you can then veer right and continue up to the top of the water falls and the track carries on to more cascades.

After about a short 150-200m walk, you will reach the double waterfall (Shown in the 4th, 5th and 6th photo above) and just immediately beyond that is a large whirling eddy pool. After that point, while doable, continuing becomes hairy and overgrown with no defined path (Requiring a bush bash).

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